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    AV&V™ Extreme Duty Valve Spring Kits for CAN-AM | BPR

    Manufactured from ultra clean high silicon Kobe alloy wire then micro shot peened and nitrided, these springs have been designed to be used with high performance cams and/or Steel conversion valves that replace Titanium valves.

    When changing OEM titanium valves for AV&Vs Extreme Duty Stainless Steel Valves, you must also upgrade your springs for AV&Vs Extreme Duty Springs due to the need for higher pressure and toughness.

    CAN-AM DS 450 (2008-2012)

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    This kit comes with AV&Vs exclusive titanium top retainers. Use OEM valve keepers. 

    • Valve shims available for the above.
      Part number VSS1310-20 OD: 1.090” ID: .460” Thickness: .020” (Package of 20 shims)
    • Maximum lift with OEM valve guides: .460”
    • Maximum lift with AV&V™ shorter valve guides: .500”