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    AV&V™ Valve Spring Shims

    This Valve Spring Shim allows the engine builder to adjust spring pressure by combining various thickness shims. Using the different thickness is of great help when trying to obtain consistent spring pressure across all valves.

    Valve Spring Shims

    Part number Thickness O.D. I.D. Note
    VSS5015 .015" .600" 1.480" Perfect Evo®/Twin Cam® fit • Specily designed for Harley Davidson® heads • Heat Treated Steel
    VSS5030 .030" .600" 1.480" Perfect Evo®/Twin Cam® fit • Heat Treated Steel
    VSS6022 .022" 1.010" 1.441" Use with Twin Cam® O.E. Style umbrella seals (2005-up) • Heat Treated Steel
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