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    AV&V™ Extreme Duty Manganese Bronze Valve Guides (6MM)

    AV&V’s Manganese bronze valve guides are CNC machined. Our alloy allows you to fit both intake and exhaust valves at tighter clearances for better heat  dissipation, quieter running and longer engine life.

    Tapered & radiuses nose for easier installation and better air flow.

    Unfinished I.D. ready to be easily finished with AV&V’s Carbine reamers. (see reamers section)

    High Lift & High Flow Application

    Intake Exhaust O.D. I.D. Oversize Overall Lenght
    VG8000VG8100 .4750" 5.9MM STD 1.655"
    VG8001VG8101 .4758" 5.9MM .001" 1.655"
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    Notes :
    • Ream with VGRC6MM
    • Use with .475″ Viton valve seals (V6MMOE)