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    AV&V™ Compression Release Valves

    AV&V™ compression release valves are easier to install due to their short thread section. (# JCR10A & JCR10B). You don’t need to machine the heads as deep as if you were using O.E.M. style CR’S.

    • O.E.M. style also available (JCR10D)
    • Ideal for stock replacement
    • Also their high-temperature resistant knobs are charcoal colored for a better match with texture black or silver heads.
    Part Number Protrusion Thread Section Thread Note
    JCR 10A 1.050" .350" M10x1 Mostly Evo’s® • Short protrusion • Short thread section
    JCR 10B 1.050" .350" M10x1 All mostly Twin Cams® • Short protrusion • Short thread section
    JCR 10D 1.250" .500" M10x1 O.E.M. Style • Long protrusion • Long thread section
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    JCR 10A

    JCR 10B

    JCR 10D