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    AV&V Chrome Tulip Extreme Duty Valves (6MM stem)

    These superb valves feature the highest flow level on the market. They are one piece forged from a racing grade stainless steel alloy.

    Each valve is heat treated with a special process and their stems centerless grinded to a micro finish for longer life.

    Part number Type Head Dia. Overall Lenght Stem Dia. Coating Tip Length Groove Back angle tulip Note
    AV34-6TGC Exhaust 34.4MM 116.9MM .2346" Chrome .070” Triple 21° Stock replacement valve
    AV35-6TGC Exhaust 35.4MM 116.9MM .2346" Chrome .070” Triple 21° 1MM oversize valve
    AV40-6TGC Intake 40MM 116.28MM .2351" Chrome .070” Triple 18° Stock replacement valve
    AV41-6TGC Intake 41MM 116.28MM .2351" Chrome .070” Triple 18° 1MM oversize valve
    AV35-6SGC Exhaust 35.4MM 116.9MM .2346" Chrome .070” Single 21° 1MM Single groove oversize valve (use with AV&V VSK7000SG)
    AV41-6SGC Intake 41MM 116.28MM .2351" Chrome .070” Single 18° 1MM Single groove oversize valve (use with AV&V VSK7000SG)
    AV35-6B Exhaust 35.4MM 116.9MM .2346" Chrome --- --- 21° 1MM oversize blank valve
    AV41-6B Intake 41MM 116.28MM .2351" Chrome --- --- 18° 1MM oversize blank valve
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