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    PY Deneault – Grand Baja 2010_450Pro Class Winner

    Winner of Grand Baja 2010 in the 450 Pro Class
    PY Denault used AV&V™ valvetrain components, a clear advantage against his competitors.


    Shown below is the difference between a new AV&V™ valve and one that has been used for over 75 hours in PY Denault’s race engine coupled with our extreme duty spring kits and manganese bronze guides. While OEM and many aftermarket valves would fail this endurance test, AV&V™ valves look brand new, with no signs of wear on the head and the stem. No valve adjustments were needed, they remained within original specifications for the whole test duration. For racers who want quality, performance and reliability, there is no denying that AV&V™ provides the best valvetrain components.