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    Steve Munro – Loudbike

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    J Precision’s cylinder heads gave us a 1987 Ducati F1 with enough power to outrun a pre-Testastretta Ducati 4-valve.

    Durable power.

    With peak torque developed at just over 5,000rpm, the engine delivered  the kind of performance  that put me in a league beyond my riding ability and simply gave me an unfair advantage.

    The J Precision heads, assembled with Extreme Duty AV&V™ valves, valve guides, valve seats and valve seals, were an instrumental part of the overall performance edge that got us a trophy every time the bike was raced; In fact, the F1 still holds the distinction of being the only vintage bike to ever race in the Canadian Thunder Series (where it amazed everyone by running in the Top 3 against highly modified modern machines).

    The loudbike F1 is still in service after 6 years of racing and track days; now ridden to podium finishes this past (2011) season by new owner Paul Robbins.  And as a testament to the quality of Patrick’s quality workmanship, the J Precision heads have only required a valve and seat touch-up during the engine’s 6 years of hard use.

    Steve Munro – loudbike –